About Pure Tisanes

Gilly Cowley, founder of Pure Tisanes, has drawn on her passion for all things fresh to create a premium range of snap frozen, herbal infusions.

A refreshing alternative to tea and coffee

Pure Tisanes was inspired by Gilly’s dream to create herbal teas from fresh produce.

“For me, dried herbal teas do not truly capture nature’s flavours and that is why I sought an alternative.”

Gilly has combined her vast knowledge of ingredients and production to develop a range of exquisite herbal infusions.

“As a young child, I remember my mother, a teacher of Cordon Bleu for many years, both at home and abroad, would take me to local markets to find the best fresh produce. She taught me how to look, touch and smell to find the finest of natures gifts. Later, as a professional cook, working and travelling the world, I would always seek out the local markets for fresh produce. All good cooks value the quality of their ingredients. Some of the best dishes we eat are the most simple and they rely upon freshness and true flavours. This is what I wanted to bring to herbal teas.”

Pure Tisanes is firstly about the ingredients and the simple natural flavours.

For Gilly, cooking has never just been about taste but about the whole sensorial experience.

“Few herbal teas balance flavour with a corresponding aroma. If what you eat and drink smells good, then the taste is somehow better.”

Pure Tisanes seeks to engage the drinker with the taste and aroma of ‘pure’ ingredients.

The challenge for Gilly was how to reach a wider audience than her own kitchen table.

“I wanted to make the freshness last.”

As an innovator, when travelling as a food development consultant for suppliers of products to the likes of Waitrose, it came to her in a flash.

“If I could find a way to snap freeze precisely measured fruits, herbs and spices, bag them, seal them and deliver them in freezer bags, I could bring the delight of the natural ingredients to a bigger audience.”

Seeking and then applying the latest freezing techniques and sourcing the most suitably designed and visually pleasing tea bags, she was able to bring her creation to life as Pure Tisanes.

Pure Tisanes fulfils Gilly’s dream to make freshness last.

“Pure Tisanes infusions, for me, offer a great consuming experience. They taste wonderful, smell beautiful and reveal only the real ingredients.”

Gilly’s Pure Tisanes is her creation of a fresh, frozen alternative to a ‘dried’ herbal tea. She hopes you too will enjoy a more natural, pure tea with a wonderful aroma.