Cucumber & Mint

The delicate, cool taste of cucumber is combined with garden mint and hints of lime and ginger. A refreshing tisane to cleanse your palate.

About the ingredients


Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) originates from India and is a member of the gourd family.

It was popular with the Romans as a food and also medicinally, where it was used as a remedy for everything from insect bites to infertility.

It was said that Louis XIV loved cucumbers so much that the process of cultivating them in greenhouses was invented during his reign to keep his supplies up.

Today, cucumber is enjoyed for its refreshing properties, thanks to its high water content. It is also a good source of vitamin K, which helps to keep bones healthy.


Mint (Mentha sachalinesis) was originally found in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Traditionally it is known as the herb of hospitality, which has its roots in Greek mythology. Dining tables would be rubbed with mint leaves to welcome guests.

In the Middle Ages, it was said to be used as a way to purify drinking water.

Throughout history, it has been used to aid digestion, among other reputed health benefits. In the 14th century it was popular as a tooth whitener and the Romans used it to help with digestion and mouth freshening.

Today, garden mint is appreciated for its revitalising, refreshing properties.