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Kaffir & Lemon Thyme

Kaffir lime leaves are blended for their zesty tang, with a light citrus hit of lemon thyme. An aromatic tisane to energise your day.

About the ingredients

Kaffir lime

Kaffir lime (Citrus hystrix) is native to tropical parts of Asia.

Its properties are employed in traditional Indonesian medicine and the use of its leaves are thought to promote oral health.

It is also thought to boost the immune system.

Today, studies have suggested it could have antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lemon Thyme

Native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia, lemon thyme (Thymus citriodorus) is a member of the mint family.

It was widely associated with bravery. The Ancient Greeks believed it was a source of courage and women would give Medieval knights of England gifts bearing thyme for courage.

In the European Middle Ages, thyme would be placed under pillows to help sleep and prevent nightmares.

Since the 16th century, it has been used for its antiseptic properties and it is thought to be an excellent decongestant.

Today, studies have shown that it can help ease bronchitis and one of its ingredients contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.